A-Day Treat Part 2: Borrow & Win

The grade school teachers were given another A-Day Treat by the GS LRC to promote its professional books. Everyone was invited to borrow professional books from October 2-6 and had a chance to win a Starbucks Rewards card and an adult coloring book.

The lucky winners are:

Stella de Sagun (G1 teacher)

Caselyn Ponon (G2 teacher)

Congratulations to the winners!


A-Day Treat: BooXS To Go!


To show gratitude to teachers and staff on A-Day, the GS LRC conducted a BooXS to Go! activity last September 28. A cart full of new books was brought to the faculty workroom and offices for the teachers and staff to borrow. On top of the new books, those who borrowed books were able to join the raffle and won amazing prizes.

“Teachers change the world one CHILD at a time”.


BooXS to GO! (A-Day Special)

As a special activity for this year’s A-Day, the GS LRC organized a “BooXS to Go” event for the teachers and staff. The LRC staff surprised everyone by bringing a cart full of books to the different workrooms and offices of the school. This gave everyone a chance to borrow them without going to the library.

As an A-Day treat, everyone who participated also got to pick out a surprise gift for every book they borrowed.

Happy A-Day and Happy Reading to Everyone!


Reading Superstars

What’s the best/favorite book[s] you’ve read when you were a kid and why?

Photo 0882

I remember having a lot of favorite books back then. But my most vivid memory is my collection of giant Disney Classics. I used to spend my free time getting amused with the stories of Cinderella, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalamatians. I am very proud to have experienced a childhood with limited technology because it introduced me to the wonderful world of literature. I hope parents these days would still do the same for their children.

– T’ Kate – 1H

Photo 0881

My favorite books were the LadyBird Books. Most of their stories were about fairytales. I love reading fairy tales, they make me believe that dreams do come true.

T’ Janella – Kinder 1