Literacy Month 2017

Find magic

This year’s literacy month was celebrated with the theme “Find Magic in Books and Reading”. Indeed, something enchanting and amazing happens whenever you read. The LRC spiced the celebration with exciting activities to instill and foster the students’ love for reading.

book fair
Book Fair
In cooperation with Fully Booked and Scholastic, a book fair was held at the Sports Center and EED gym from November 20 to 24. Exposing the Students and teachers to quality reading materials on different genres was mainly the aim of this activity.

IMG_0279Book Trivia Contest

The LRC Staff prepared also a book trivia contest for the grades 2-6 students. Questions on different popular book series such as Geronimo Stilton and Berenstein Bears were posted around the library. Students were all excited hunting for the questions around the library and finding out the answer for each trivia.

Author visitAuthor Visit
Meanwhile, the BooXS and Beyond club celebrated the event by inviting the award-winning author, Ergoe Tinio. Ms. Ergoe Tino wrote the “Salu-salo para kay kuya” which won the 2016 National Children’s Book Awards Best Reads for Children and the 2013 Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. Together with the Hoofprint club members, the students listened to Ms. Tinio as she explains the inspiration and the experiences she had that have led to the publishing of the book.

Evening with storytellers
Evening with the Storytellers
In line with the celebration of Literacy Month, the Grade School English Department initiated an event called “An Evening with Storytellers”. This happened last November 29, 2017. Teachers, families, classmates and friends of Grade 3 students were able to find magic in reading with the different stories they have heard. The activity ended with a plenary storytelling session by a guest storyteller invited by the GS LRC. Mr. Eugene Cordero is from Scholastic Publishing and he told the story “My Teacher is a Monster”.


Activities in the EED
As part of the Literacy Month celebration, Teacher Ela brought to life a character from the book “Room on the Broom”. Dressed up like a witch, she told the story about a witch who found helpful animal friends along the way. The Kinder students enjoyed the storytelling session as well as the art activity afterwards.


GS LRC Reading Awardees for the 2nd Quarter

Once again, the GS LRC gives recognition to the members of the community who continuously make use of its resources and show their amazing passion for reading. The awarding ceremonies was held during the General assembly last December 11.

The following are the awardees for the 2nd Qtr:


Amazing Reading Champion (the class/section with the most number of books borrowed for the Qtr)
2E St. Bonaventure (2 quarters in a row)
3G Bi. Zepherin Namuncura
4G St. Peter Faber S.J. (2 quarters in a row)
5B St. Jose Sanchez Del Rio
6B St. Robert Southwell, S.J.


Amazing Readers (students who have shown passion in reading and frequently borrow books)
Andres Zafra 2D
Michael Andaya 3G (2 quarters in a row)
Alejandro Cheng 4C
Kirwin Sagadraca 5G (2 quarters in a row)
Mariano Lai 6B (2 quarters in a row)

Amazing Junior Librarians (students who continuously provide assistance in the library)
Rajon Ng 2H
Julio Leonor 3G


Amazing Reading Idols (teachers who have shown passion for reading)
Mr. Jay Perez
Mr. Jim Tuscano
Ms. Marytes Taloy
Ms. Diana Hicarte

Congratulations to all the winners!

There are two quarters left for the school year. Who will be the remaining reading awardees?

GS LRC Reading Awardees for the 1st Quarter

During the general assembly last September 5, the GS LRC recognized the members of the grade school community who have shown AMAZING passion for books and reading for the 1st quarter.

For this school year, the GS LRC have the following awards:

Amazing Reading Champion – This award is given to the class with the most number of books borrowed for the quarter.

Amazing Reading Champion

2E – St. Bonaventure
3A – Fr. Matteo Ricci, SJ
4G – Bi. Peter Faber, SJ
5G – Bi, Francisco Garate, SJ
6D – St, John Brebeuf SJ
Amazing Reader Award – This award is given to students who frequently borrow and read books in the LRC.
Amazing Reader Award
Vicenzo Franco Del Rosario of 2F
Michael John Christian Andaya of 3G
Lance Jacob Tangsoc of 4E
Kirwin Peace Sagadaraca of 5G
Mariano John Lai of 6B
Amazing Junior Librarian Award – This award is given to students who have shown their best behavior and consistently provide assistance in the library.
Junior Lib.png
Franco Joaquin Vibar of 5B
Jeinrich Sy of 5B
Antonio Luis Velasco of 5B
Hwi Soo Eun of 6A
Amazing Reading Idols – This award is given to  faculty and staff who often use and borrow the resources of the LRC.
Reading Idol.png
Ms. Jessica Pelagio
Bro. Edryll Dayrit
Ms. Nastashja Melevo
Mr. Marvin Miguel
Congratulations to all the awardees!

NCBD 2017

The GS LRC joined in the celebration of National Children’s Book Day from July 17-24, with the theme “Laging Bago and Mundo ng Libro”. Various activities were held in the library to promote reading among the students. These activities include a Shadow Puppet Play of the classic “Si Pagong at si Matsing”, a Book Trailer Contest, Lunchtime Storytelling, and an author visit. Adarna House shared their talented storyteller and author Ms. Weng Cahiles and Mr. Bryan Anastacio for some of the activities.

Ms. Weng Cahiles, author of ” What Kids Should Know About Andres and the Katipunan”, met our Gr. 5 students and shared some surprising and interesting trivia about Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan.

The week long celebration was full of fun and excitement for our students.

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