GS LRC Reading Awardees for the 2nd Quarter

Once again, the GS LRC gives recognition to the members of the community who continuously make use of its resources and show their amazing passion for reading. The awarding ceremonies was held during the General assembly last December 11.

The following are the awardees for the 2nd Qtr:


Amazing Reading Champion (the class/section with the most number of books borrowed for the Qtr)
2E St. Bonaventure (2 quarters in a row)
3G Bi. Zepherin Namuncura
4G St. Peter Faber S.J. (2 quarters in a row)
5B St. Jose Sanchez Del Rio
6B St. Robert Southwell, S.J.


Amazing Readers (students who have shown passion in reading and frequently borrow books)
Andres Zafra 2D
Michael Andaya 3G (2 quarters in a row)
Alejandro Cheng 4C
Kirwin Sagadraca 5G (2 quarters in a row)
Mariano Lai 6B (2 quarters in a row)

Amazing Junior Librarians (students who continuously provide assistance in the library)
Rajon Ng 2H
Julio Leonor 3G


Amazing Reading Idols (teachers who have shown passion for reading)
Mr. Jay Perez
Mr. Jim Tuscano
Ms. Marytes Taloy
Ms. Diana Hicarte

Congratulations to all the winners!

There are two quarters left for the school year. Who will be the remaining reading awardees?


BooXS to GO! (A-Day Special)

As a special activity for this year’s A-Day, the GS LRC organized a “BooXS to Go” event for the teachers and staff. The LRC staff surprised everyone by bringing a cart full of books to the different workrooms and offices of the school. This gave everyone a chance to borrow them without going to the library.

As an A-Day treat, everyone who participated also got to pick out a surprise gift for every book they borrowed.

Happy A-Day and Happy Reading to Everyone!


Reading Superstars

What’s the best/favorite book[s] you’ve read when you were a kid and why?

Photo 0882

I remember having a lot of favorite books back then. But my most vivid memory is my collection of giant Disney Classics. I used to spend my free time getting amused with the stories of Cinderella, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalamatians. I am very proud to have experienced a childhood with limited technology because it introduced me to the wonderful world of literature. I hope parents these days would still do the same for their children.

– T’ Kate – 1H

Photo 0881

My favorite books were the LadyBird Books. Most of their stories were about fairytales. I love reading fairy tales, they make me believe that dreams do come true.

T’ Janella – Kinder 1

Reader of the Month

Our Readers for the month of September are brothers, Lance (7F) and Carl (6B) Chingkoe. Being new to the Xavier community, as they are transferees from Saipan, did not stop them from visiting the library during recess and lunch to read their favorite books. There are times that you would see them sharing a single book like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, or reading two different volumes of a series separately like Harry Potter. Currently, Lance is reading the 4th book of Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire) while Carl is into the 7th book of Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the deathly hallows).


Borrowers of the Month: Mr. Patrick Posadas and Neo Nygel T. De Leon

If there’s one person who goes to the LRC regularly to read periodicals, that would be Mr. Patrick Posadas. He would often borrow periodicals such as… (more) Neo often goes to the library during recess and lunch spending his time looking for a nice book to read. When he was in Grade 1 he would ask me to help him find a Berenstain Bears book, and in Grade 2…(more)