Reader of the Month: Dr. Jojo Ng

Our reader of the month is a comic enthusiast.  He is a regular client in
the GS LRC. Often you will see him reading different types of books and
graphic novels are always on his list.

Read more about Dr. Jojo Ng as he tells us how he got hooked in reading,
how reading continues to fascinate him, his favorite books and his advise to
Xavier boys.

reader of the month Dr. NG

Reader of the Month: Mr. Antonio Basmayor

      Discovery Magazine, National Geographic and Philippine Star.. these are just few of the many periodicals Mr. Antonio Basmayor craves to read every time he visits the GS LRC.

     The long list of the Faculty Reader of the Month would not be complete without his name. Be inspired as he shares to us, through an interview, his insights on reading and how he got hooked on this.

mr. basmayor

 I always come to the library GS or HS to read my favorites: newspaper and magazines because they are always updated, after that I read books that I need to learn to support my intellectual thirst”

” I am interested to read books by authors who can predict situations of the future like Alvin Toffler, Bill Gates etc”

If I am not reading .. I watch National Geographic and Discovery, If I need to learn more of what I have watched then I go to the library and get this thing and read about it, “watch and read” is a useful method to get someone into reading”

LRC Awards the Reading Champs for SY 2012-2013 2nd Semester

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           A month from now, school year 2012-2013 is over, but the GS LRC would not let this year end without acknowledging once more, the library customers who consistently recognize the role of books in their lives. It is but fitting to recognize those people who work hand in hand with the GS LRC in promoting the LRC resources through reading.  These are the individuals who are, through their passion in reading, influence other people to make reading a part of their daily lives. They are the teachers who untiringly encourage  the students to read.

            To appreciate the teachers’ effort, the “Reading Idol Award” was given to four teachers, they are Mrs. Sonia Avanzado (English teacher), Ivy Enaje (Filipino Department Head), Rommel Alcala (Art and Filipino teacher) and Mr. Reagan Austria (Filipino teacher). Some of them were also featured in the GS LRC web blog as  Reader of the Month.  Just like our teachers, there are students who have expressed their love for reading through the number of books read and borrowed, they were also recognized and received the awards “Junior Reading Idol” given to selected students, and “Reading Champs” to sections who, as one class stand out among other sections in the number of books borrowed and read.

The Reading Champ and the Junior Reading Idol awardees are the following:

  Reading Champs
Grade 2- Abraham                              Grade 5- St. James
Grade 3- St. Anselm                           Grade 6- St. Maximillian Kolbe
Grade 4- St. Joseph Pignatelli
  Junior Reading Idol
Grade 2I – Gavin  Chen and Aldrich Wilson Ty         Grade 5G –Gian Gabriel David Gochiangco
Grade 3G – Charlegan Life Chan                                       Grade 6C- Carson Tiusieng
Grade 4F-  Paolo Bernard Go

A special award called “Library Citizen” is handed to students who were observed to regularly visit the LRC and never fail to observe proper behavior  while reading. The awardees are:
Grade  2I      Jan Andre dela Santa                                      Grade 5G    Gian Gabriel David Gochiangco
2C      Rinaldo Lee                                                         Grade 6H    Aeron Miguel Abanez
Grade 3C       Andrei Justin So
Grade 4D       Andrew Joseph Tiu

Reader of the Month: Mateo Lorenzana


    Mateo Lorenzana, a grade 4 student is a regular customer of the GS LRC. He is always first on the line, during recess and lunch time.  One would often see Mateo seating on the couch where reference books, graphic novels and magazines are located. He is a reader on his own volition, with or without his classmates he is motivated to read, attitude which the personnel in GS LRC noticed and made him the featured Reader of the Month.
Mateo has an exceptional attitude towards reading. “I like reading..actually I love reading” this is how he simply describes his feelings about reading, simple but looking at him and hearing him saying these words, one would definitely agree that he genuinely loves reading and he is enjoying every moment with “words and pictures”.