A-Day Treat for EED Teachers

As an act of appreciation, the EED Learning Resource Center launched its “Espressily for you, teachers” which happened last October 3-October 4, 2017. It is a two-day A-day treat of unlimited coffee and snacks. The teachers truly enjoyed the photo booth and roulette game prepared for them. Teachers were encouraged to borrow professional books and some of them were able to take home some exciting prizes. EED A DAY (2).jpg


EED LRC Supports EED Book Week



EED LRC Supports EED Book Week!

The Early Education Department celebrates Book Week from November 3 to 6 dubbed as “Book Mania” for Nursery and “READiscover” for Prep. As an opening salvo, the teachers treat their students by wearing costumes of their favorite storybook characters during the launching last November 3. The children were excited and amazed seeing their teachers in costumes but got even more surprised when Mr. Eman Villaverde (EED LRC Staff) appeared as “Darth Vader”, a character from Star Wars. After the assembly, the students were again treated to a simultaneous storytelling sessions with parents as storytellers.

The “Kid’s Book Choice” activity serves as the highlight of the Book week celebration. The Nursery and Prep students voted for their favorite book among the stories that they have listened to in the classroom.

The week long celebration does not only aimed to treat the boys to fun and excitement but more so, to let the boys realize the importance of books and reading in their lives.




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prepared by Mrs. Baby “Teacher B” Alfonso, EED Librarian

photos by EAVillaverde

EED Top Borrowers (Sep 2009)


You are our top borrowers for the month of September!


 eed storytelling pic

Nursery T’chers

T’cher Keziah

T’cher Thea


Prep T’chers

  T’ cher Karen

T’cher Ria

T’cher Keirah

 eed boys

       Special Awards to:        

T’chers Ria, Karen, & Dina 

First 3 teachers to have a 2nd Library Card


for borrowing Professional Books



      from the ILRC

A Sense of Fulfillment

 by Ms. Ana Flores

teacher A


In my 30 years with Xavier, I have been given the chance to work in other departments. Being assigned in the library is challenging for me because I have to deal closely with students and teachers. Thanks to the support of my co-staff and my supervisor, Mrs. Ruth de Luna, because the job has been much easier now.


For me, everyday is a good learning experience because of the students and teachers that I have to work with. I have been assigned to give assistance in the EED, GS, and HS LRCs.

teacher a with teacher b


My daily routine starts in the EED LRC assisting the librarian (Mrs. Baby Alfonso) in serving the teachers and students. These include charging and discharging, shelving and repair of books, and assisting during library periods. Mrs. Baby Alfonso is one of those who have been supportive in teaching me the different tasks in the library.


My day continues in the GS and HS LRCs doing supervision and my day ends with the GS LRC doing the rest of my tasks like disseminating professional journals, processing newly acquired materials, and other tasks being assigned to me.

teacher A at the circ counter


Library works are tiring and yet so fulfilling because at the end of the day you know that you have touched a life by being of service to the community.

EED Top Borrowers – 1st Quarter, SY 2009-2010


You are our top borrowers for the 1st Qtr!


Nursery T’chers

T’cher Rachel

T’cher Ais

T’cher Thea


Prep T’chers!

T’cher Ria

T’cher Dina

T’cher Karen

Special Award to:  T’cher Patty

for borrowing professional materials



From your iLRC


Hello EED T‘chers,

The ILRC continues to source out and acquire materials for instructional use. Please see our latest acquisitions and grab them now!

prepared by Mrs. Baby Alfonso, EED Librarian

photos by EAVillaverde