A-Day Treat for EED Teachers

As an act of appreciation, the EED Learning Resource Center launched its “Espressily for you, teachers” which happened last October 3-October 4, 2017. It is a two-day A-day treat of unlimited coffee and snacks. The teachers truly enjoyed the photo booth and roulette game prepared for them. Teachers were encouraged to borrow professional books and some of them were able to take home some exciting prizes. EED A DAY (2).jpg


Newly Acquired Materials for EED LRC

by Teacher B

I am an animal who likes to bark and go for walks.  What am I?

I deliver the newspaper to your house everyday.  Who am I?

In the puzzle game, Search and Learn Down My Street, kids will surely love to get to know the people, animals and things around their community.  The boys will surely love to put the puzzles together, and answer questions about the community.  EED teachers can now borrow this puzzle game (GA 307 Se1) from the LRC along with other new materials about the community like:

Lace It! Transportation
Search & Learn down my street
Search & Learn Farm
People work
We need Fire Fighters
We need Doctors
We need Nurses
We need Dentists
We need farmers
We need Veterinarians
People, places and things
Meet the people in your neighborhood: Teachers!
Who are the people in your neighborhood
I want to be somebody new
Meet the people in your neighborhood: Police Officers!

Teacher B prepared a list of all the newly acquired materials available at the EED LRC.  To download the complete list, click here.

Image retrieved from: http://www.outtolearn.co.nz/images/DownMyStreet.jpg

The Bugs are back!

by Teacher B

It’s back!

Early this year, the GSLRC brought back the LRC Happy Gram to encourage the grade school boys to visit the LRC more often. This quarter another major activity is making a comeback and this time it’s with the EED LRC.

EED LRC welcomes back The Book Bug Award. The Book Bug Award is a contest for Nursery and Prep boys which aims to reinforce proper behavior inside the library especially during Library Period. This will also encourage the students to use the library properly and show respect to other people working and reading in the library.

Each section will be given a head of a caterpillar as their pet in the library. They will take care of this head by earning circles that will become part of the body of the caterpillar. The class who have shown their best behavior in the library during their Library Period will get the maximum number (5) of circles . At the end of the quarter, the classes with the most number of circles win the contest.

Are You Ready For This?



Acquiring the LIBRO system (integrated library software) this school year only marks the first step in making the integrated Xavier School libraries fully-automated. After migrating all the data from InfoLib last year, now here’s the BARCODING stage. Barcoding is the process of providing machine-readable labels (barcodes) to each item that the library holds, linking the material to its bibliographic information in the OPAC. This action aims to facilitate easier and faster tracking of materials whether for circulation (borrowing) or inventory purposes. In fact, some teachers and students have already been assigned barcode labels for their personal library accounts. With this, the iLRC hopes to offer paper-less transactions in the near future as regards checking in and out of materials in the library.