New Acquistion 2013-2014

Grade School Learning Resource Center

New Acquired Books

SY 2013-2014


Evans. Lady Hestia (2007). Mythology: the gods, heroes, and monsters of ancient Greece. London: Carlton Books Limited.

dinosaur     Dinosaur dictionary: An a to z of dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles
(2008). London: Cupcake.

that's life

Winston, Robert (2012). That’s life!. London: DK Publishing.

What would Steve Jobs do

Sander, Peter (2012) What would Steve Jobs do?: how the Steve Jobs way can inspire anyone to think differently and win. New York: McGraw Hill.

Fantastic ocean facts

Fantastic ocean facts (2012). Australia: The Book Company Pub.


The amazing Spider-man storybook collection (2012)..New York: Marvel Press.

Pedro Calungsod young Visayan Proto Martyr

Arevalo, C.G. (2012) Pedro Calungsod: young Visayan Proto-Martyr. Quezon City: Paulines.

For the complete list  click here NEW BOOKS 2013-2014

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