New Acquisition 2013-2014


SY 2013-2014

EED Picture books

  1. Clifford’s bedtime story. Bridwell, Norman (2013). New York: Scholastic 
  2. Goodnight moon ABC: an alphabet book. Brown, Margaret Wise (2010). New York: HarperCollins
  3.  Goodnight moon 123: a counting book. Brown, Margaret Wise (2007). New York: HarperCollins
  4.  Seven little postmen. Brown, Margaret Wise. New York: Golden Books

EED Filipiniana

  1.  The KJV [King James Version] Bible for toddlers. Kryszewski, Randy (1995).  Ohio: CLC Publication
  2. Philippine pictionary: my first 100 words (1997). Makati City: Ilaw ng Tahanan Publishing, Inc. 
  3. The great duck and crocodile race. Magnuson, Robert (2011). Mandaluyong City: OMF Literature Inc. 


  1.  First encyclopedia (2011).  London: Kingfisher
  2.  My first picture book of dictionary: over 500 words. India: Quixot Publications. 
  3. My first picture dictionary. Clark, Colin (1993). England: Brown Watson.
  4. Prime elementary English-Korean dictionary.  Doosan Dong-A

EED Teacher’s collection

  1.  Action research in education: learning through practitioner enquiry. Baumfield, Vivienne; Hall, Elaine; Wall, Kate (2013). London: SAGE
  2. Professionalization, leadership and management in the early years (2011). London: SAGE.
  3. My school years (2011). England: Brown Watson.
  4. I love you, yaya handbook Tagalog-English: a yaya training manual. Laxa-Pangilinan, Maricel; Buizon, Feliciano; Simpa (2008). Quezon City, Philippines: The Parenting Company

EED general collection

  1. Let the whole Earth sing praise. dePaola, Tomie (2011).  New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons
  2. The Usborne Easter story. [Retold by Heather Amery] 2005. LondoN: Usborne Publishing Ltd.
  3. What we wear: dressing up around the world. Ajmera, Maya; Derstine, Elise Hofer ; Pon, Cynthia (2012). Massachussetts: Charlesbridge
  4. Say please.  Tym, Kate (2008). California: QEB Publishing

For complete list: EED LRC Book list

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