NEW BOOKS as of September 2009

Title Author Call No.
The Boy who dared Bartoletti, Susan Campbell EED+E B28b
The Elephant and the tiger EED +E El2
The Unlucky stork EED +E Un4
The Magician’s gift Jones, Faye EED +E J71m
The Old man and the farmer’s sons Jones, Faye EED +E J71o
The Frogs and the well Jones, Faye EED+E J71f
The Greedy red ant EED +EG81
The Crow and the pitcher EED +E C88
The Clever mouse deer EED +E C59
The Best book to read Bertram, Debbie EED +EB46b
The Story of my feelings Church, Caroline Jayne EED +EB45s
What I do best! Nolan, Allia Zobel EED +EN71w
Soccer game! Maccarone, Grace EED +E M12s
Green boots blue hair polka dot under wear Ziefert, Harriet M. EED +E Z6g
Let’s have a party Black, Sonia W. EED +E B56l
Harold’s ABC Johnson, Crocket EED +E J62h
Im not scared Allen, Jonathan EED +E Al5i
I see Barney! Lee, Quinian B. EED +E L51i
Time for school mouse Numeroff, Laura EED +E N91t
My first Christmas De Poala, Tomie EED +E D44m
The Playground bully Chardiet, Bernice EED +E C37p
Rosie’s walk Hutchins, Pat EED +E H97r
Night before Christmas White, Stephen EED +E W58b
Clifford’s book about me by me (and Clifford, too) EED +E B64
Curious George visits the library EED +E R33cv
Clifford’s kitten Bridwell, Norman EED +E B76c
Fishing lessons EED +E F53
Clifford’s puppy days Bridwell, Norman EED +E B76c
Clifford the small red puppy Bridwell, Norman EED +E B76c
The Rain came down Shannon, David EED +E Sh1r
Let’s look inside the yellow truck Leslie, Amanda EED +E L56l
Firehouse team : meet the team Denaga, Danielle EED +E D41m
Franklin‘s nickname EED +E F85
A Dinosaur called Tiny Durant, Alan EED +E D93d
My first jumbo book of dinosaurs EED +E M99
The Magic footprints Baltour, Melissa EED +E B21m
Mommy? Yorinks, Artgur EED +E M73
Castle : medieval days and knights Olmon, Kyle EED +E Ol5s
Tiger can’t sleep Fore, S.J. EED +E F76t
If I built a car Dusen, Chris Van EED +E D94i
Dinosaur spalsh! Stickland, Paul EED +E St5ds
Dinosaur friends! Stickland, Paul EED +E St5df
When time began Pipe, Rhona EED +E P66w
Duck on a bike Shannon, David EED +E Sh1d
Favorite bible verses Simon, Mary Manz EED R220 Si5f
My first Book of Prayers Simon, Mary Manz EED R 242.82 Si56
Kid’s first dictionary of 500 words EED R 431 K54
Teaching with favorite I spy books Novelli, Joan EED TC 372.13 N85t
Month – by – month collaborative books for young learners Spann, Mary Beth EED TC 372.6 Sp2t
Fun with opposites EED 428.1 H38f
Apples, bubbles and crystals Bennett, Andrea EED 507 B43a
Learning fun EED 516 F55
Sense suspense McMillan, Bruce EED 612 M22s

IMG_5650 copyIMG_5653 copyIMG_5652 copy

New AV materials as of September 2009

A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch VCD 813 M69c
I’ll Fly Away VCD 813 M69i
The Prince The Princess and the Bee VCD 813 M69p
Ground House Rules VCD 813 M69g
The Marin Rose VCD 813 M69m
Sing it Sister VCD 813 M69s
Dashing through the Snow VCD 813 M69d
Country Bug – kin VCD 813 M69c
Rhyming Bingo RA 513 R34
Alphabet  Bingo GA 411 A17
Unifix Cubes RA 513 Un3
Tangoes GA 371.33 T15
People at Work GA 793.73 W55
Learning to Sequence GA 193.73 L47
Picture Rhymes GA 793.73 l1
Learning the Alphabet GA 411 L47
2 cm Cube and Rule Set RA 681 T93
Math Balance TOY 510 M42
Number equalizer balance RA 513 N91
The Number Board  Kit RA 795.4 N9l
The Backyardigans VCD 813 B12
Domino GA 794.3 D71
Beginning language roll & learn : pocket cubes for language learning fun! KA 371.33 B39
Flash Cards : opposites FC 611 P25
Math Flash Cards FC 513 m42
Addition:  50 Flash Cards FC 513.11 Ad
Subtraction : Flash Cards FC 513.212 Sul
Fractions : 36 Flash Cards FC 513.26 F84
Picture Alphabet :  Flash Cards FC 411 P58
Picture Early Math : Flash Cards FC 513 P58
Numbers : 1 to 100 Flash Cards FC 513 N9l
Flash Cards :  tell the time FC 529.07 T23
Early Math : Giant Flash Cards FC 513 Ea7
Parts of the Body Puzzle CH 611 P25
Action Words FC 425 AC8
Alphabet : interactive flash cards FC 411 Al7
Subtraction :  50 Flash Cards FC 513.212 Su
Flash Cards : transport & occupation FC 629.04 T68
Bagong Abakadang Filipino CH 411 B14
Color Mixing CH 701.45 C71

IMG_5666 copyIMG_5647 copyIMG_5667 copy

*Symbols used for AV Materials:

RA – Realia

TOY – Toys

GA – Games

VCD – Video Cassette

FC – Flash Cards

KA – Kit

CH – Chart

prepared by: Mrs. Baby Alfonso, EED Librarian

photos by EAVillaverde

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