The GS LRC welcomes the fourth quarter with the theme, “Find happiness through books this year of the Earth Pig!” The bulletin board features the 12 zodiac animals in 3d form, with this catch phrase.


A board featuring the different zodiac’s fortune this coming year of the Pig is also placed in the LRC. Students flocked to read what they can expect this year as their fortune.

There is also a massive dragon displayed as you enter the LRC.

Come and visit us this year of the Earth Pig!

Take Flight, Read!

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Dr. Seuss once said that…

Reading can take you places you have never been before.

We, at the GS LRC, believe that this is true. To start our school year, the LRC’s theme is “Take Flight, Read!” Reading books takes you to more places than one can ever imagine. Whether you want to explore a fictional or non fictional place, the GS LRC’s collection will surely excite you.

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So come on, hurry to the GS LRC to explore and discover more places!