Marian Month at the GS LRC

For Catholics, the month of October is known as the month of the Holy Rosary. In Xavier, it has been a yearly tradition that during this month, the students pray the rosary daily. In line with this, the GS LRC had several activities lined up for the said month.

We had a Mary Exhibit where more than 30 statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary were displayed and collected for the boys to see. Each statue had accompanying descriptions beside it to let the boys know more about it.

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We also had a rosary exhibit featuring rosaries from different parts of the world.

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Lastly, we had the Marian Quiz Bee where students were asked to answer 8 questions for a chance to win books from Fully Booked!

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Marian Month at the EED!



In partnership with the Grade 1 CLE committee, the EED LRC put up a Mama Mary statue in the EED LRC storytelling area as a way of celebrating the Rosary month and provided a basket where students can write a letter or a prayer for Mama Mary. There are times that the teacher brings her class to the LRC just to pray and teach them about the rosary.

It’s just amazing that sometimes you will just catch the students fervently praying to Mama Mary and writing sweet messages with love and sincerity. Great job Shotis!

Book Carnival for A-Day


As a way of showing appreciation to our teachers, the EED LRC prepared a two day fun-filled activity just for our teachers with the theme “Book Carnival” which happened last September 25-26, 2018. Exciting activities were prepared by T. Ela and T. Liza. One of these was the popcorn and mallows party which the teachers enjoyed the most. Also, they were encouraged to borrow books from the Teacher’s Collection for a chance to play games like Balloon Burst, Dice Game, Ball Roll, and Hula Hoop to win some exciting prizes.

Not only did the teachers enjoy their well-deserved treat, but also got to borrow a book for professional and leisure reading! You rocXS ‘chers!

StarbooXS: An A-Day Treat!

For A-day, the GS LRC had a special treat for teachers!


Teachers from all departments borrowed their books and hoped they would win. Originally, it was announced that there would be three winners, but because of the overwhelming positive response from the teachers, the LRC decided to give out four Starbucks cards. Below are the list of winners!


Congratulations ‘chers and Happy A-day!


July 2018 Activities

For the month of July, the LRC had various activities as we celebrated the National Children’s Book Day and the Jesuit Heritage Month.

It was during the first assembly in July when the Jesuit Heritage Month was launched. The LRC did an I-Spy Iggy Trivia Contest that lasted for three weeks.

I spy Iggy.jpgI spy.jpg

Students from Grades 2 – 6 all lined up to answer the questions for the trivia challenge. The trivia contest was held for three consecutive weeks. Week 1 Winners are Ziv Keh, 4C, Ghabriel Tan, 5F, and Todd Muñoz, 5G. For Week 2, the winners are Zachary Calina, 2C, Jose Mamuric, 4C, and Chen Hua, 5G. The last set of winners are Marcus Ang, 5B, Joshua Go, 6D, and Alexander de los Reyes, 6D. They will be rewarded with a sumptuous lunch at the Jesuit Residences.

Another exciting event for the month was the National Children’s Book Day. The GS LRC celebrated it by having various activities like shadow puppet play, storytelling during lunch time, and the illustrator visit.


Miss Tin Arellano had a storytelling session with the Grades 2 – 4 boys last July 26, 2018. She read the book entitled, “When Zero Left Numberland” by Maita Songco Salvador.

Illustrator Visit.jpg

Illus 2.jpg

We also invited Mr. Dominic Agsaway, a recognized illustrator in the Philippines to give a short talk to the Grades 5 and 6 boys. Mr. Agsaway was awarded the Alcala Illustrator’s Prize by the Philippine Board on Books for Young People (PBBY) for his work on the book, “Ngumiti si Andoy.”




The LRC also had a shadow puppet play for the story, “Si Pagong at si Matsing.” The Grades 2-4 really enjoyed watching this shadow play during lunch time.

Watch out for more activities from the GS LRC!