About us

The Grade School Learning Resource Center (GS LRC)  is the central department created to address the information needs of the School.  Its programs and services can tie together and further support the curriculum of the school. Vision, Mission and Goals

The GS LRC envisions a multi-faceted information center that supports the school’s educational program.  It aims to create an enviroment that provides the necessary tools needed for literacy development f students and professional growth of teachers.  We foresee our students as information literate people who could navigate their way in the influx of information. As  information literate people, they will have  learned how to become responsible users of information, who give respect to the rights of his fellowmen.  As we develop the love for reading among our students through various resources and relevant activities, the LRC seeks to achieve students who give high regard to their Chinese -Filipino heritage.  And as partners, in forming men for others, we see our teachers as competent users of information and any form of technology. –GS LRC Handbook    Library Guidelines and Procedures

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