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Christopher Paul Colfer, a Golden Globe Awardee for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel on the TV hit series Glee, is our multitalented author of the month. He released his first novel in 2012. A two-book deal that has now grown into a 10 book (and counting) story about the twins Alex and Connor Bailey as they fall from the real world into a world of fairy tales which is a far cry from what they have read from their storybooks.

As a child, he had trouble reading by himself and so he would often ask his mom to read him fairy tales.  He always wanted the back story and would always ask his mother questions about the characters and their motives, but his mom wouldn’t have the answers and finally told him to write his own fairy tales.

His series opener, The Wishing Spell, is dedicated to his grandmother, whom he considers his first editor and who told him to wait until he finishes elementary school before worrying to become a failed writer.  It was also during his elementary years that he was often left by himself because his younger sister had a very rare form of epilepsy that required majority of his parents’ attention.  Writing or even thinking up stories became a therapy and escape for him.

Chris is currently in active talks of making his first book, “The Land of Stories: the Wishing Spell” into a movie.  But he is being very careful, because he believes that if they were able to make a great adaptation it will immortalize the book but a terrible movie will kill it. 


Below is the list of Chris Colfer’s books that you can borrow from the library :

  1. The Wishing spell
  2. The Enchantress return
  3. The Grimm warning
  4. Beyond the kingdoms
  5. An Author’s odyssey
  6. World’s collide
  7. The Mother Goose diaries
  8. Queen Red Riding Hood’s guide to royalty
  9. Trobella throws a party: A tale from the Land of Stories

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