Book Review: Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Trouble is, you can’t run away from yourself.

Ghost is the first book published from American author Jason Reynolds’ Track series, a sequence of light novels centered on the story of four youth runners, who all come from various backgrounds.

The first installment follows the story of Castle “Ghost” Cranshaw, a seventh-grader who struggles to deal with his past and present. He had experienced trauma by the hands of his father, who, at a drunken rage, tried to kill him and his mother.

At present, Castle is what people would call “problematic” – he often gets himself into problems with teachers and peers.

But one thing he is good at, aside from causing his mother headaches and eating sunflower seeds, is running. To him, it is the most natural thing – to know how to run fast, which got recognized by the local coach, Otis Brody. What follows transforms Castle from an angry young boy to a responsible boy who faces his problems head on.

Ghost was written in such a way that even younger audiences can appreciate it. I believe the book would be appreciated by students from grades 5 and 6, who will be able to relate more with the main character.  

Ghost teaches the readers that the power to change anything lies in our own hands; that ultimately, nothing but our decisions would shape our own life. This book also reminds our young readers that there will always be someone who will be ready to listen to them.

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