Jesuit Heritage Days 2017

JHD-BLOG posting.jpgAs part of the  celebration of the Feast of St. Ignatius last July, the GS LRC hosted several activities during the JHD (Jesuit Heritage Days). An exhibit, highlighting the important events of the Jesuits since its establishment up to the present times was displayed inside the library. It was prepared by some high school students in coordination with the CMSO. A trivia contest about the life of St. Ignatius called I-Spy Iggy was also held for the  Gr. 2-6 students. As a prize for this contest, the winners will have  a chance to pay a visit to the Jesuit residence and have  a simple lunch with the Jesuit priests. For the Kinder students, the LRC staff performed a shadow puppet play titled “Ang Sundalong Patpat”. The play is about a brave soldier which reflects the courage of St. Ignatius both as a soldier and as a saint.


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