What Makes Basic Research Basic?

“The article discusses the motives and values associated with basic research. The basic research of today produces both the lifesaving drugs and the destructive weapons of tomorrow. Its outcome will affect everybody, and in a democracy whose people decide how wealth shall be distributed everybody shares the responsibility of developing the nation’s scientific potential. Bridging the gap between the scientist and the general public will not be easy. Some insist that basic research must proceed in the same spirit as “art for art’s sake,” and should not be appraised by its practical applicability. Yet, in defending this view they usually argue that even the most abstruse research may eventually yield practical results. According to the author in this article, the need is not so much to define basic researchas to distinguish between greater and lesser basicresearch projects” . … (Read the full article http://web.ebscohost.com/srck5/pdf?sid=f38e7393-5d3c-4b47-b0ca-a02428a25271%40sessionmgr11&vid=5&hid=17




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