EBSCO Article of the Month

FROM: Professional Development Collection:  Music Educators Journal

Bullying: What Can Music Teachers Do? 

This article examines intervention strategies music teachers can implement to combat bullying. Students enrolled in music ensembles may experience outsider status within the school community at large, thus contributing to heightened vulnerability and victimization. Likewise, individuals who defy gender role expectations through instrument choice may be at an even greater risk. Suggestions for diminishing instrument gender associations are provided along with collaboration strategies to combat bullying in the overall community. [ABSTRACT FROM PUBLISHER]

Taylor, D. M. (2011). Bullying: What Can Music Teachers Do?. Music Educators Journal 98, 41-44.

To read the full article: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=tfh&AN=74022371&site=ehost-live



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